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Ferno Aluminium Stretcher Dual Fold Out


  • The Ferno Emergency Pole Stretcher 108AF is a lightweight, high-strength emergency stretcher suitable for first aid response, industrial sites and casualty rooms.
  • This is made with PVC coated nylon covers that are heat sealed making them resistant to blood, body fluids and mildew and easy to clean.
  • All Ferno Emergency Pole Stretchers feature lightweight aluminium poles with contoured, flexible hand grips for easy handling.
  • The 108AF hinges at the centre permitting the stretcher to dual fold for compact storage.
  • Specification: Length 231cm, Width 56cm, Height 14cm, Weight 6kg, Load limit 159KgAvailable in standard emergency orange with optional wall mounted carry cases. Accessories include carry case for the 108AF model MCC-383B and MCC-384C for the 108A
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