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Electricians Mini Lockout Kit Pouch


Ensure each electrician has the right components.
Pouch has two small D-shackles and belt loops to attach to tool belts for portability.
Made of heavy duty nylon.

1 x Pouch (65292); 1 x Red Padlock (850821; 5 x Heavy Duty Lockout Tags (65525); 1 x Small ‘No Hole’ Breaker Lockout (65396); 1 x Large ‘No Hole’ Breaker Lockout (65397); 1 x Universal Multi-Pole Lockout (66321); 1 x Small Plug Lockout (65674); 1 x 25mm Lockout Jaws (65375/1); 1 x Single Breaker Lockout (65387)

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